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When we discuss about going abroad for dental treatment, with Eastern Europe as an example, we have to understand one significant aspect: the services are not so much cheaper because the clinics and dentists are low in quality or in safety. Is a fact, most of the top clinics are a lot better equipped than the usual average clinic in any major dentist office from U.S. or UK. The difference is based on many other things – basically on the country economic level.

For example, the average salary of a dentist in U.S. was two years ago as much as $163000, which is about four times the average individual income nationwide.

And now let’s ask: how much is four times the average individual salary in Romania? Less than $22000! So, a good dentist in Romania makes 7 times less than an American one, and is still very happy with such money, because all prices are lower.

root canal - root canal treatment

Because the prices for dental treatment abroad is much lower than those of the Western European Union and the United States lead many people to solve their dental problems abroad. This phenomenon was named dental tourism and has got a momentum in recent years.

By now we all know what are the benefits of dental tourism but the people put another question: Why are the costs for dental treatment abroad are so low? The price difference for dental care abroad is so great that many people wonder if they will be also making savings on quality.

We want to reassure you that in Eastern Europe the dentists use the same materials and tools, and use the same methods as in working all over the world.

Foreigners arriving in any of these countries have the option of taking care of the teeth at the best from the best dentists and dental clinics. So what is the secret of such low prices for dental treatment abroad?

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