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Dental treatment destinations reviews

Where to go to find quality and affordable dental care?

reviews on dental clinics abroadWhen we discuss about going abroad for dental treatment, with Eastern Europe as an example, we have to understand one significant aspect: the services are not so much cheaper because the clinics and dentists are low in quality or in safety. Is a fact, most of the top clinics are a lot better equipped than the usual average clinic in any major dentist office from U.S. or UK. The difference is based on many other things – basically on the country economic level.

For example (see, the average salary of a dentist in U.S. was two years ago as much as $163000, which is about four times the average individual income nationwide. And now let’s ask: how much is four times the average individual salary in Romania? Less than $22000! So, a good dentist in Romania makes 7 times less than an American one, and is still very happy with such money, because all prices are lower. Rent for a three bedroom apartment in best areas is less than $1000, a good beer in a fancy restaurant is 3-4 bucks, you get the idea.

Why we say that dental clinics in Eastern Europe are better equipped than the average U.S. ones? Three main reasons: most of them are brand new; most of them are doing well based on high maintenance customers, local and from abroad; they are far from producing rich people, so they try a lot harder. Are there any risks if you go abroad for a dental treatment, compared to your local dentist? Of course, but as anywhere, there are things you better avoid. You go for cheap, but too cheap is usually bad. And is not like when you look for a nice place to go for the holidays, when less advertising might mean you will not get to a crowded places. In this particular area of dental tourism, bigger the advertising campaign means usually better the quality. We are in the era of Internet, and bad publicity can close this type of business in a matter of months.

So, where are the best destinations for dental treatment? What country, which clinic, what doctor? We’re going to visit the most suitable destinations in all the good places and write about them in this section, we hope you will enjoy reading our info and articles.

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