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Dental care is a fundamental practice for our health and, when it is necessary to resort to treatments and dental work, spending to deal with often becomes exorbitant. Precisely because of the high rates of US or UK dentists, an increasing number of users has decided to go abroad for their dental care particularly in Eastern Europe.

The phenomenon of so-called “dental trips” has grown exponentially in recent years and has become a real trend of the market. Although in our country it is possible to save money on certain services and products maybe buying a braces on Groupon or other sites flash deals, in most cases, the average expenditure for an operation or treatment in U.S. or UK is more expensive than 60 % compared to, for example, in states such as Romania, Poland and Spain.

The cause of this curious phenomenon is undoubtedly the economic crisis, which hit the world population. Most of the dentists said they had suffered a fall in employment due to lower affordability. This got to the opening of hundred “dental low cost” in European countries such as Hungary, Romania, Albania, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia, carefully designed to attract waves of “dental tourists”. This practice has become widespread enough to stimulate the emergence of real travel agencies dedicated to dental tourism in Eastern Europe.

The dental trips enrol in the circuit largest medical tourism, a sector that currently knows no crisis. The success of this type of business is given not only by the significant cost savings (the travel packages are all-inclusive, so the customer does not cost extra), but also the accessibility of such countries as Romania, Slovenia or Croatia.

Another very formula applied is that of the “cure-holiday”, which combines the dental treatment to a stay in a holiday resort for the whole family or friends. To apply this formula, it was decided to build strategically different dental offices inside hotels or tourist buildings. At the bottom of machinery and equipment used are often the same as those found in studies and come from the same country, so the conventional wisdom that sees dentists (and doctors in general) of certain nations more unreliable than others, it is a must debunk.

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