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Dental clinics abroad checked listing

What do we do to make easier for you to find the best affordable dentist?

dental clinics abroadWhat are the main obstacles for you when you search for a dental solution alternative to your nearby overpriced dentist? First Internet is free and open, so anyone can place a page and be found, regardless of the quality of its services. Then, the language barriers. Is quite easy to get someone to translate a dental clinic website to a perfect English, without having at least one English speaking dentist in place. So, what are we doing here? We are checking the actual reviews placed by clients who visited such clinics, and publish here only the addresses of the dentists you can feel confident contacting.

Main dental destinations in short description

  • Esthetic excellence, complete dental care. Every visit in Czech Republic is a kind, comfortable experience
  • Hungary is the flagship country of European health and dental treatment tourism
  • Is it truly worth all the costs of travelling to Poland for major dental treatment
  • Huge savings can be made by travelling to Romania for treatment and cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental treatment in Croatia provides quality dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry
  • Latvia is emerging as a very popular destination for cosmetic and dental treatments
  • A convenient and good combination of dental treatment and exploring Albanian tourism
  • Some enterprising Bulgarian dentists are offering special packages to foreign patients

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