Dental clinic in Bucharest, Essentialdent – A new vision in dental medicine

Started in 2006, Essentialdent is now a unique dental clinic that combines the benefits of modern dental medicine techniques and new equipment, with the power and complexity of treatments based on natural remedies.

Founded by Dr. Corina-Gabriela Dinca (general dentistry and specialist doctor – dental prosthetics, implantology competence), Essentialdent ( has continuously evolved and improved by investing in know-how, modern equipment, training, qualified staff and innovation.

EssentialDent - Dr. Corina-Gabriela Dinca
EssentialDent – Dr. Corina-Gabriela Dinca

Essentialdent – Experience, Modern and no pain dental treatments

With more than 15 years of experience, Essentialdent team is one of best dental clinic in Bucharest; doctors are highly skilled and specialized, providing multidisciplinary and professional services to clients. Essentialdent key vision is that they analyze the clients not only from their specific dental problems – but as whole, complete and complex human being.

Essentialdent - Dental clinic in Bucharest 1Providing modern & no pain treatments is completed with additional remedies for dentist anxiety. It starts with listening to clients fears, understanding their barriers and use, next to modern medical techniques, complementary ones. Complementary techniques are based on essential oils that can help to relax or to cure and heal, or even replace classical chemistry drugs. Why to use power pain killers that help to ease the pain but have different side effects on our bodies, if we can use natural products from plants or beans?

Essentialdent, Dental clinic – Personalized Services

EssentialDent - modern equipment 1The clinic covers a large set of services and specialties through experienced doctors that provide a unique experience for every patient:

Each medical case is treated by specialists, based on a custom treatment plan that focus not only to solve the specific pain, but looking further do elements like what was the cause of the problem, what are the side effects, how can be avoided, what prevention measures can be used. All this are provided in a modern ambiance, architecture and nature driven design of our clinic, in a state of relaxation and well-being for all patients.

Aromatherapy, apitherapy and phytotherapy in our clinic

EssentialDent - modern equipment 2Classical dental treatments are complemented when possible with recognized techniques from aromatherapy, apitherapy and phytotherapy, where the team has recognized competence on these complex as well.

Looking behind dental issues, Essentialdent specialists can help to address and observe other medical problems that usually are just not considered to be linked with our teeth. For instance, posturology (posture issues)  is a multidisciplinary science that involves many disciplines, like dentistry, orthopedics, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, neurology, neuro-muscular recovery. The mandibular balance is closely correlated with the posture state. Postural changes are at the origin of an increased number of dental-maxillary imbalances and vice-versa.

EssentialDent - modern equipment 4We appreciate this, since we also believe that dental treatment should never be limited to treating problems in the oral cavity but must consider the human being as a whole, with all its conditions.

The future belongs to the over-specialization in functional prosthetic rehabilitation, aesthetic, correlated with the somatic system (the human body taken as a whole) and the usage of natural treatments in the dental therapeutic act.

Essentialdent, Dental Clinic in Bucharest – Contact details

Tel: +4 031 420 98 22 / +4 0766 535 267

Address: Str. Ritmului no. 14, Bl. 432, scara A, parter, apt. 1, int. 001, sector 2, Bucharest, Romania


EssentialDent - accreditations
EssentialDent – accreditations

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  1. Please confirm me this address – Str. Ritmului no. 14, Bl. 432, scara A, parter, apt. 1, int. 001, sector 2, Bucharest, Romania – a map to it would be much appreciated

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