One of the most important things to find out is the level of expertise of the dentist you have chosen, as well as the one of the dental clinic offering the dental treatment; they should have the relevant qualifications and experience to perform the procedure and should be registered with the relevant dental association. This is becoming a lot easier these days. While regulations in the US and UK used to be notoriously rigorous compared to other countries, since almost all eastern European countries joined the European Union, a new wave of strict regulations spread all over the place.

Now, the rules for a dental clinic in Bucharest are almost the same as for one in London, which is quite impressive. Are the clinics in eastern Europe able to follow all these rules? Yes, and this for at least two main reasons: the education and training system in the eastern Europe countries is quite exceptional, and the dental clinics are exceptionally well equipped – having in hand the European Union funds for this in the very recent years. You may be surprised to find out that a dental clinic in Budapest or Prague is equipped with a lot more recent and state of the art supplies and equipment than one in Canada or US, but you really don’t have to be: it’s normal when the owners managed to get up to 95% of the business cost reimbursed from European structural funds, which also monitor them to follow all the rules. This way, now you can get the best dental treatment abroad in eastern Europe, without feeling that you take a huge leap of chance.

Dental treatment abroad – Albania

An example: Dental Clinic Albania – TIRANA CENTER, why excellence never occurs by chance

Dental Clinic TIRANA CENTER is operating in Cosmetic and Laser Implant Dentistry. The dental clinic offers service to international /out of state clients. It can schedule a day or multiple days to diagnose and treat a patient. Utilizing a holistic approach to dental health, its expertise and the latest dental technologies, the patients can often have all necessary treatment performed in a day or two, many specific treatments by a high qualified staff service and high technology equipments, at high quality than available in most other states or countries. It also offer one day trips at some Albanian mystic cities in the country.

Services: Dental Laser Treatments: Root canals, Laser disinfection, Laser gummy smile, Laser cavity preparations and all others lately made by conventional way.

Dental Porcelain: Crowns Bridges LAVA Zirconia, 24K gold-Gramm, Titanium pure, Empress Estetic, E.Max, Lithium Disilicate, Captek.

Cosmetic: Veneers with and no-prep, Laser Whitening, Fillings and much more.

Dental Implants: Dental Implants in conjunction with Dental Laser (healing and osseointegration). Laser prevents post-operative swelling, soothes, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, stimulates local immunity and osseointegration.

Dental treatment abroad – Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small piece of paradise, combining the incredible beauty of an azure, warm sea and the majestic mountain peaks covered with snow. Bulgaria is generously endowed by nature with an exceptional diversity of landscape, a mild, moderate continental climate suitable for year-round recreation, rich flora and fauna, numerous mineral springs.

The dentists in Bulgaria offer a wide variety of dental-care services, ranging from dental cosmetics, dental implantology, oral surgery to treatment of periodontal diseases and dental prosthetics. Bulgaria’s greatest advantage as for dental treatment abroad is the tailor-made and careful approach to clients, using high quality materials and modern dental technologies of world-class value, thereby achieving excellent results.

Dental treatment abroad – Croatia

Why are so many people are looking for a dentist in Croatia? And what makes it a perfect choice?

There are plenty of reasons to consider visiting Croatia, not only for getting a great dental treatment abroad:

You can get the best in Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentures, Endodontic Services, Family Dentistry, Implants, Oral Surgery, Orthodontic Services, Periodontic Services, Dental Restorations, and at the same time to be in one of the most beautiful places of Europe.

Dental treatment abroad – Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, and in particular its beautiful and historic capital, Prague, is one of the newly emerging medical or dental tourism abroad destinations. High standards of dental treatment combine with low prices, and this central European country is closer to everywhere than you may think with frequent low cost flights from various worldwide airports.

Prague is the perfect short break city – a remarkably well preserved old town with lots to see and do, compact size, and many inexpensive cafes, restaurants and places to stay.

There are over 8,000 dentists in the Czech Republic, and each must be registered with the Ministry of Health and the Czech Dental Chamber (CSK).

Dental training takes 5 years and takes place at university dental schools. Following qualification there is a compulsory period of vocational training lasting a further 3 years before a dentist is licensed to practice independently, with ongoing compulsory requirements for continuing education. There is further specialist training available leading to a diploma. This takes 3 years for orthodontics, leading to a qualification called Orthodontics: attestation in maxillo-facial orthopedics and 6 years for oral-maxillo-facial surgery, leading to a qualification called Oral Surgery: attestation in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Dental treatment abroad – Hungary

Dental Treatment in Hungary is an affordable solution for you. The prices are much more cheaper, but the services and materials have the same quality as in the UK and USA.

Great news for the American patients: it costs no more than $800 to go to Budapest and back, but if you get an offer, the price can go down as $300-$500 to travel to Europe. This is almost the difference in price between an US dental clinic and a Hungarian one: just for 2 crowns !

You can find also cheap flights (80-100 pounds) from many British cities now and you are in Budapest within two hours.

When is it worth it to choose dental treatments abroad in Hungary?

If you need more than one implant, complicated oral surgery, more than 2-3 crowns or bridges or more than 4 veneers, considering dental holiday and teeth treatment in Hungary might be right for you, as you save thousands.

For those patients who need more implants, more crowns or veneers, there are special dental packages. You can save more, as they pay your accommodation and flight ticket.

Dental treatment abroad – Latvia

Latvia is one of the Baltic states and a member of the European Union. It has strong links with its other Baltic and Scandinavian neighbors. Latvia is a small country but has a rich historical and cultural heritage. In particular, the capital Riga is noted for its fine architecture including some important examples of Art Nouveau.

A favorable exchange rate and increasing numbers of cheap flights make Latvia an inexpensive and attractive alternative destination for medical and dental treatments abroad.

The main services offered by the dental clinics in Latvia are dental implants, prosthetics and cosmetic dentistry. Whether is the loss of a single tooth, several teeth or a full set of teeth, the specialist teams are able to help by choosing the treatment option that is best adapted to your condition, wishes and financial situation.

Why pay for your local dentist’s next vacation when you can receive professional whitening, cleaning and dental examination for only 99 euro, or $132, or 85 pounds, and have your own beautiful vacation, on top of the excellent dental treatment abroad?!

Dental treatment abroad – Poland

If you are looking for the best quality dental treatments and you would like to save up to 70% of costs, you are invited to visit any dental clinic located in Poland, Europe’s top country providing the highest quality and most affordable dental treatments abroad, in modern facilities which makes Poland a world-class destination as far as dental treatment is concerned.

The highly qualified, English speaking and friendly staff offer the latest innovations and treatment methods in Europe. The professional surgeries will be happy to help, advise and choose the most adequate form of treatment for your needs.

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