Dental clinics in Plovdiv – Bulgaria

Dentists and cosmetic dentistry in Plovdiv – Bulgaria. Why going so far for dental treatment? Cheap but high quality dentists, affordable implants, mandibular partial or complete denture and much more

Dr Genchevi Dental Care

Clinic address: 147 Tsar Boris III Obedinitel – Plovdiv, Bulgaria; dental clinic contact: +359 32 266 089 /

What are the main reasons to take such a dental holiday? Perfect smile clinic, cosmetic dentistry, soft tissue surgery – gingivoplasty and so on.

Dentistry, dentist in Plovdiv – DR BOGOMIL MPs

Location and contact details: ul. Han Asparuh 10 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria; dentist contact: +359 32 593 998 /

Want a reason to choose such a dental clinic? Excellent dental care clinic, affordable full mouth restoration, dental veneers and the list can continue.

Amaya Dental Clinic

ul. Byalo more 2 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria; dentist office contact details: +359 32 607 650 /

Why you might consider visiting this dental facility? Your best choice for dentist abroad, cheap bone grafts, dentures or false teeth and more.

Patients going abroad for treatment: carefully consider many aspects before you travel, such as the difference in language.

Dental in Plovdic – what else?

Plovdiv, after Sofia, is the second largest city and population in Bulgaria after Sofia. If we include the entire metropolitan area of Plovdiv, we pass 675,000 inhabitants. Apart from the special economic importance, Plovdiv is of special importance for the culture and higher education of the Bulgarians. For most citizens of the country, Plovdiv is truly the cultural capital of Bulgaria.

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Dental clinics in Plovdiv - Bulgaria

Plovdiv – Bulgaria, Dentists and cosmetic dentistry in: Bonding, Braces, Bridges and Implants , Crowns and Caps, Dentures, Extractions, Fillngs and Repairs, Gum Surgery, Oral Cancer Examinations, Root Canals, Sealants, Teeth Whitening, Veneers


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