Cost of dentistry in Albania

Albania is the perfect dental-tourism destination, offering high quality treatments at excellent prices. By traveling to Albania you can save up to 60% on dental treatments with no compromise to the level of service. Thanks to low costs in Albania, anyone can afford to treat their teeth properly, and visit a country with a lot of history and beauties. In case you wonder what to do to get an affordable loan – visit this site.

Best dental deal in Albania

Here are some of the best deals you can get in Albania – in high quality dental clinics:

  • Aesthetic composite filling – best offer: $57.
  • Aesthetic veneers Ivoclar Vivadent – IPS Empress – best offer: $410.
  • Ceramic crown in semi-noble metal – best offer: $328.
  • Complete professional teeth cleaning – best offer: $57.
  • Cosmetic Alumina – Ceramic Veneers – best offer: $410.
  • Cosmetic IPS Empress Veneers – best offer: $443.
  • Crown with integral ceramics, IPS Empress – best offer: $476.
  • Devitalization and endodontic therapy in single-rooted / bi-rooted / triple-rooted teeth – best offer: $98.
  • Fixed prosthesis of 12 ceramic crowns + 8/10 titanium implants (per arch) – best offer: $7528.
  • Large increase of the maxillary sinus membrane using biocompatible material (class one) – best offer: $1279.
  • Precision Titanium Easy Grip Dental implants (recommended for individual teeth. The price includes the stump and the healing screw). – best offer: $886.
  • Professional bleaching – best offer: $138.
  • Provisional crown made from reinforced resin – best offer: $36.
  • Semi-fixed prosthesis with aesthetic resin + 4 titanium implants (per arch) – best offer: $3608.
  • Simple extraction of tooth or root – best offer: $36.
  • Simple, metallic ceramic crown – best offer: $262.
  • Surgical tooth extraction – best offer: $85.
  • Titanium dental implants Wis. / Minivent / Osstem (price includes the stump and the healing screw) – best offer: $754.
  • Titanium dental implants, single phase (used for the implantology to immediate loading) – best offer: $689.
  • Tooth reconstruction with composite – best offer: $74.
  • Tooth reconstruction with fiberglass pin – best offer: $139.
  • Zirconia ceramic crown (manufactured with a computerised, latest generation cad-cam) – best offer: $410.

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Cost of dentistry in Albania

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