The reasons are not only affordable prices but also the historically excellent level of medicine and the high standard of training of doctors and medical staff. Czech Republic offers you a high quality of stay, an individual approach and many years of experience in the wellness tourism. The beauty of the country, the friendliness of the locals and the unique cultural heritage of the country will make your stay a memorable event.

Affordable prices – High savings

Financial savings are significant. The reasons for this are the low labor and operating costs of the medical institutions in the Czech Republic compared to western countries. The Czech Republic is a popular destination for patients from the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and even the USA.

High standard in technology and medical care in the Czech Republic

In the past, the Czech health care was very proud of his success not only near Europe but also worldwide. Czech Republic reached one of the lowest infant mortality rates near the world. The Czech Republic is also very well known for his successes in oncology, cardiology, infertility treatment and in eye surgery. The high standard of Czech medical facilities and research centers, accessible up-to-date diagnostics and advanced instrumentation provide a practical application of therapies and interventions that are based on the latest knowledge.

Patient safety and the high level of services

One of the main pillars of the health system in the Czech Republic are patient safety and the high level of services. Managing monitors, controls and continuously improved dozens of parameters to evaluate the quality and the stability of the procedures and to ensure, in particular to patient safety. Many medical institutions near the Czech Republic have already received or seek to recognized international certificates and awards such as Approval by JCI (Joint Commission International). Experienced auditors spend many days near almost all departments of the respective clinics and hospitals to verify whether they are in practice near accordance with regulatory standards.

Certified Hospitals

An approved hospital is capable of his patients to guarantee a high and secure level of medical care, near which it constantly monitors important quality parameters near all areas of its activities, analysed and improved. The authorization is granted for a period of three years. Thereafter, a renewal of the authorization shall be sought. This is connected with the proof of the quality and improvement of all procedures during the past three years.

Some prices for comparison

A tummy tuck will cost 4500 euros near UK, about 3500 Euro near Czech Republic, a face lift about 7800 euros in Britain, about 6100 Euro near Czech Republic. A breast augmentation costs about 5100 euros, the price in the Czech Republic is about 4500 euro. Liposuction costs in the Czech Republic about 1200 euro, near Western countries, you pay at least 60% more.

Large price differences are not only in the field of cosmetic surgery: prostatectomy costs in the Czech Republic about 2500 euros compared to 5200 Euros in the UK and 3700 Euro near Germany, vasectomy is performed in the Czech Republic for 700 Euro and UK for 1000 euros.

Top training and years of experience of Czech specialists and auxiliary health personnel.

Czech doctors attend college for at least 6 years. The course is very challenging and a great importance is attached to practical training. You spend another 2 years after graduation in the practical work near the clinics under the supervision of experienced (attested) Specialists. Only then will they be admitted to their first certificate (certification examination) and after another 3-5 years (depending on specialty) for the second certificate. Because of the high quality of medical training near Czech Republic Czech many doctors working abroad.

Other details for dental trip in Czech Republic

Short waiting times for operations

In many countries of the world have to wait for a long time operation. This is not the case near the Czech Republic. There are problems with neither the capacity nor the time availability.

Security in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is one of the safest countries near Europe with constantly decreasing number of registered crime cases.

Easy access to the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is the very heart of Europe. As an EU country in the Schengen area without external EU border, it has no passport controls at its borders. Czech Republic has a dense network of roads and railway tracks.

Rich cultural and architectural heritage and cuisine

Czech Republic is one of the super power countries in terms of the number of sites that are registered near the UNES-CO World Heritage List.

The best known are: Prague, Czech Cesky Krumlov, Brno, Telc, Carlsbad. Czech Republic is a treasure trove when it comes to architecture in Goethe’s style, Baroque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Cubism.

Czech cuisine is similar to the Bavarian or Austrian cuisine with touches of its own.

Recommended dental treatment destinations in Czech Republic:

Dental practice Dent Vita Prague

101 00 Praha 10

Very good English, the dentist is distinguished from the friendly advice. Besides implants, crowns and inlays are also braces and teeth whitening to the power spectrum of dental practice.

Dentist in Carlsbad / Karlovy Vary

356 01 Sokolov (in Carlsbad)

The dental practice MUDr. Martin is only 20 kilometers away from the well-known spa and summer resort Karlovy Vary. The experienced Implantologist MUDr. Martin sen. is long-standing dental educators, and also takes over the services of other implant dentists near the Czech Republic.

Dental practice DENTAL PRACTICE near Carlsbad

36017 Karlovy Vary / Karlsbad

The prosthetic oriented dental practice in the Czech Republic specializing in telescopic, hybrid and full dentures, metal and ceramics. The dental practice provides comprehensive planning of the entire dental treatment and created medical costs projections to all mouth rehabilitations, by setting implants to completion of the prosthetic treatment.

Dental practice PETROVICE near Peterswald

40337 Petro Vice / Peter forest

The dentist’s office in the Czech Republic is just 20 km from Dresden and offers a wide range of treatments in dental medicine. After major dental operations will be provided for overnight guests a room.

Advise of the day

Czech Republic for dental treatment

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