Visit Moldova and repair your teeth

Visit Moldova and repair your teeth

For example, there are many clinics in the Canary Islands and Andalusia than to acquire dental tourism from Germany, England, Scandinavia … if you already come to sunbathe, come shopping … why not take advantage for other circumstances such as going to the doctor, dentist.

This is just an example of what we find on the net, but how are you more and more. Polish clinics try to attract German customers, Latvian clinics to try to do the same with Norwegians, Finns, Mexico or the Caribbean clinics try to attract US customers, and so on.

Advantages of dental treatment in Chisinau, Moldova

Many people have already benefited from dental treatment abroad. Dental tourism is organized in many European countries like Hungary, Croatia, Albania, Poland and Bulgaria, where the prices of dental treatments such are much lower than in other more developed countries of the European Union. Therefore, many Europeans, even Spanish prefer dental tourism in Moldova. What influences their decision?

Here are some of the benefits of dental tourism in Moldova:

1. The best prices in Europe for dental treatment. Here you will spend less money than in any other country. In Moldova, everything is cheaper: food, transport, accommodation, entertainment and especially in Moldova prices for dental services are more accessible than in Europe (see the price list for dental treatment).

2. Dentist quotation absolutely free (without obligation). You can benefit from a 100% free dental check and in addition to this they provide all information and advice related to the cost of accommodation, travel, transportation etc.

3. Immediate Dental Services. Do not make an appointment with the dentist (meaning a good dentist) a few months before to solve dental problems and does not have to be queued in the waiting room at the dental clinic. If you need dental care, it is enough just contact us and give us all the information necessary for his arrival immediately receive quality dental treatment in accordance with European standards.

4. The dentists understand at least English and Spanish. It is more important that a dentist is valid, that the language in which speaking, especially when it comes to dental tourism, ie dental treatment abroad. However, moldavian dentists understand and speak good English and Spanish.

5. Visa for dental tourism in Moldova is not necessary. To visit Moldova, you need only a passport and do not need a stamped entry if you are a citizen of one of the following countries:

  • Member states of the EU: Spain, France, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Great Britain, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden.
  • Other countries: USA, Canada, Japan, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland.
  • Member states of the CSI: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

6. Dental tourism is more attractive, with low-cost flights. We inform you with pleasure that has come the long awaited moment: Moldova has appeared low-cost flights, and once with them discounts to flights of other airlines. Now not only you can save on dental treatment but also on the trip. Sure it’s not the same like in Spain, but until they appear low-cost flights Spain-Moldova can benefit from buying cheap tickets in connection Spain-Italy-Moldova. Free assistance throughout the period of stay in Moldova: Yes, it’s true – we work hard to meet their needs and are continually improving and these do not take money for additional services. Of course, nobody will work for free and we also we do not. Our commission is already included in the prices of dental services. It is similar to the “All Inclusive” hotels in Turkey.

This is what you can get if you choose your agency carefully

  • Consultation and free quotation for dental treatment;
  • Reservation dentist appointment;
  • Reservation comfortable apartment, 5-10 minutes walk from the dental clinic.
  • Help to find cheap airline tickets and organize the dental ride Moldova;
  • Free Transport to / from the airport;
  • A mobile phone for the period of stay in Moldova that allows you to avoid large expenditures for local calls or Spain;
  • Assistance in organizing sightseeing tours at reasonable prices;
  • Tips on how to spend your free time in Moldova;
  • An interpreter specially prepared to ensure accurate translations of dental and able to explain each procedure in simple words terms;
  • Certificate of guarantee of the treatments applied.

Advise of the day

Visit Moldova and repair your teeth

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