What are mouth sores?

Mouth sores are lesions similar to open wounds and are formed on the soft tissues of the oral cavity. They generally appear on the inner lips, tongue and gums. They are round and white and have a red area around them. Depending on the size they have, they may be different and have a different lifespan.

Fortunately, specialists have at their disposal several solutions to help you quickly cure the mouth sores, as soon as they appear.

How are canker sores treated?

Even though canker sores are generally small in size, they create a number of negative effects that are quite difficult to bear from the moment they appear in the oral cavity. For example, problems will arise at the time of mastication and, even if you do your best not to touch those areas, the unpleasant effects will not be totally avoidable. Very often the areas affected by mouth sores can create a permanent discomfort. Fortunately they are not transmitted, but this is the only positive aspect.

Avoid acidic foods or foods that have sugar

Specialists recommend avoiding acidic, spicy or sugar-centered foods. As soon as you feel discomfort caused by thrush inside the oral cavitation you will have to give up the juices, especially the citrus and fizzy ones. Acids have all the potential to irritate the oral cavity much more, causing a burning sensation, but also prolonging the healing process.

It is the bacteria inside the mouth that convert sugar into acid. This is one of the most common causes of caries, but it is also a reason why the life span of oral thrush is prolonged. Thus, the symptoms of burning and stinging are accentuated.

Use the correct toothpaste

Toothpaste with sodium sulfate can generate the appearance of oral thrush especially in people who are somewhat more sensitive. If you notice that your toothpaste has such an effect, it is recommended to change it as soon as possible. Toothpastes that have such ingredients in their composition can determine the appearance of oral thrush and can accentuate the symptoms that the existing ones give, due to several factors.

These effects are different considering how sensitive the tissues of the oral cavitation are, but it is the doctor who will be able to tell exactly if there are risks or not in this case.

Saltwater rinses

This method is recommended by a large number of dental specialists to treat such a problem. Going over the slightly unpleasant taste of the process, salt water works perfectly in many cases.

Salt has the potential to dehydrate and clean wounds to cause them to heal. Also, coming into contact with the tissues, the salt numbs the area and soothes it. However, it is recommended to keep in mind that initially it will produce a rather intense pain, but of short duration, because later the area will go numb. This mixture used for washing is not swallowed but is eliminated and at the end of the procedure the mouth should be thoroughly rinsed with plain water.

Baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline substance and helps a lot to neutralize the acids of the oral cavity, those that inflame the tissues and that irritate them. It is also a combination that also helps to clean and calm the affected areas. Rinsing your mouth with a teaspoon of baking soda that dissolves in a cup of warm water brings a number of very important beneficial effects.

The correct treatment – visit to the dentist

Taking into account all these methods, mouth sores can be easily eliminated when the right treatment is applied for them, but only when the condition is in its infancy, without a very large enlargement, and especially, when there are no complications. But it is important that the mouth sores are correctly identified. Go to a dentist (we recommend you too see our Dentist Romania section) to confirm that what you have are really oral thrush and not other more serious conditions that may resemble them, and to which the treatment must be different.

Regardless of the reason for a visit to the dentist – usual treatments, preparation of a work or braces, the specialist will recommend from the start the best prevention measures, so you will limit the appearance of inconveniences related to thrush.

In conclusion, it is recommended that for the prevention and treatment of oral thrush to be given all the necessary attention and not to postpone the visit to the dentist then they do not heal in a short time, especially if there are prosthetic works or dental appliances in the area.

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