Go to Romania – Bucharest is the city for you

Go to Romania - Bucharest is the city for you

Since the 90s Romania has become an attractive market for dental tourism. More and more foreigners spend a week or two in Romania to straighten his teeth and save money. A study conducted by the company * RBCOS notes that since 2010 the dental services market in Romania has grown by 17% annually.

In recent years, the Romanian government has been involved worldwide in the promotion of activities to promote the dental industry. Recently at the International Conference on Health Tourism, held in September in Romania, the Minister of Tourism and regional development Eduard Hellving he stated that given the current international context of the Health Tourism, Romania can become a key market for this type of tourism and his ministry will support the development of such services.

The reduced periods of treatment for complex operations, similar quality standards to other European countries with lower costs, up to two or three times lower than in other Western European countries, representing the major factors that have helped the development of dental tourism Romania.

As mentioned the Wall Street.ro, 25% of customers who requested dental treatment last year in Romania were expatriates. Also, the growing number of US medical tourists who come to Europe for treatment and expectations that in the coming years will also increase the number of health tourists from Latin America and the Middle East offer more possibilities for development of dental tourism in Romania .

According to a survey on dental tourism growth in Europe carried out by the British newspaper The Independent, Britain and Italy are the countries hardest visiting the dentist. The same newspaper published a European study conducted by the Institute for Medical Technology Assessment, Erasmus University, Rotterdam (Netherlands) according to which the filling of a child’s tooth cost 156 euros in Britain against 135 euros in Italy and 125 in Spain, the third most expensive country. The same procedure costs 67 euros in Germany, 47 in Denmark, 46 in France, 18 euros in Poland and 8 in Hungary.

How much can you pay for dental treatment in Romania?

In Romania, a temporary filling costs between 3 and 5 euros and one final between 15-22 euros.

Most Romanian dental clinics usually ask in a first stage a dental radiography, the budget that you have for your holiday in Romania, the length of stay, type of accommodation and preferences of leisure time.

Once the data compiled, the clinic sends you an estimated treatment plan that includes: duration, hours, costs, tours and lodgings. There are also clinics attaching a guarantee of treatment up to 10 years for implants made, plus offers and discounts, as well as complementary treatments for free or reviews after completing the intervention.

Check the website of clinics especially sections of newspaper articles and comments or opinions of customers. Know in advance the exact location and distance from the clinic about your accommodation or downtown.

Each treatment can generate additional unforeseen costs so it is useful to know in advance if they are included in the final price that you have been provided.

Ask if treatment includes either guaranteed by the clinic or producer or both. To give you an idea, crowns usually have a 3-5 year warranty and implants greater than 10 years.

Try to find out about the available equipment and staff qualification. Choose those clinics whose pages have photos, virtual tours 3D and the qualifications and experience of dentists included on its website. Ask the doctor about his experience especially when it comes to dental implants and treatment requiring a particular specialization. Between five and ten years working in the domain is considered an acceptable level of experience.

Ask in the forums of expatriates living in the country you choose to guide you on prices, locations and experiences.

* RNCOS is a consultant in India which conducts pharmaceutical research in the field of new technologies, sales and others.

Sources: WallStreet.ro, The Independent, Rompress, Dailybussiness.ro.

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Go to Romania - Bucharest is the city for you

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