Implants: dental implants replace missing teeth. They are placed into the bone substituting them and resemble natural tooth roots

Implants are a solutions for a complete or partial loss of teeth by bridges and dentures over implants. The diagnosis is made in a high-quality laboratory.

Orthodontics: aim as a dental specialty to detect problems and defects in the structure and arrangement of the teeth, jaw set, and the reasons and factors that led to their appearance.

Dental procedures in Bulgaria

Dental Surgery: complex surgical operations: dental extraction; extraction of deeply fractured teeth and roots; extraction of retained molars; apical osteotomia – resection (cutting out) of the tooth apex in case of granulomas and cysts; surgical removal of cysts; hemisection and premolarization; correction of the alveolar crest in preparation for prosthetic treatment; frenulotomy – correction of a short and intercepted lower frenulum etc.

Typical prices and costs in quality Bulgarian dental clinics

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Dental treatment costs in Bulgaria

Today’s recommended destination for dental clinics: Czech dentists in Brno

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