But dental tourism in Romania is the best deal for you. Among all the countries coming from European Union member countries (Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland and Hungary), for you the best offer comes from Romania: the best prices for dental services and the best travel conditions.

Dental tourism in Romania: You go abroad for the opportunity to save. The savings, when compared to the U.S. prices, are ranging from 40% in Hungary, 50% in Croatia and 60% in Romania.

For this main reason, more and more Americans who decide to treat the teeth abroad at a price considerably lower than what you would pay back home.

The level of the lowest prices abroad is mainly due to the fact that in the East the work costs less and also the operating costs are much lower, so the cost of dental benefits is lower.

Dental tourism in Romania: The dental tourism is not for everyone. Care of the teeth abroad is not the solution for everyone. In fact, you should go abroad for dental treatment only important in U.S. and that they cost so much. It is not convenient to go abroad specifically for treatment a couple of cavities. The costs of travel and living room have a significant impact in the case of care inexpensive, so there’s convenience.

Dental tourism in Romania: The Risks of dental tourism. In the field of Dental Tourism is not all that glitters is gold. If you are not careful you risk of running into structures that do not practice Dentistry of Excellence but of low quality.

In fact, in countries that link on dental tourism facilities were created specially created for “dental tourists”, the so-called “factories of the teeth.” They are structures that employ dozens of employees, including dentists, nurses and dental technicians. The main problem is that dentists who work at these facilities have not been able to have their own professional success – it is a matter of fact, everywhere in the world, a good dentist opened his dental practice and works for himself, building a trusted customer. In fact, most of the dentists who work at these facilities are low cost dentists or graduates without a curriculum of relief.

Another problem with these structures is that to optimize costs using dental materials cost.

The health does not have to be sworn in performance low cost of poor quality. If you unfortunately happen to the dentist wrong savings is gone and you are likely to spend more money than you would have spent to a dentist safe back home.

It is not convenient to go abroad if you are not able to pick and choose the dentist who entrust their hopes of saving.

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Dental tourism in Romania: great convenience for you

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