Dental tourism agencies

Dental tourism agencies

Some patients go through a specialized agency such as Smile Partner based in Angers, and directed by Caroline Bournay, 30, a dentist’s daughter. Smile Partner accompanies the patient from beginning to end of treatment.

The agency also helps patients build their social security file. For since Hungary in the European Union, the French social security reimburses dental made there, as if they had been in France. Example: 75 euros crown … With these repayments, the bill is reduced more.

The French dentists are obviously headwind against this system. As explained by the chairman of the National Order of Dentists Board, Christian Couzinou.

France was also puts at low cost dental with brands like Addentis, Dentexia … All are specialized in the works that yield the most: prosthetics.


Anonymous (Sunday, January 20, 2015): I’m a little surprised by the emotional reactions of our French practitioners, which arise only guarantors of dental care performed professionally in the world … Me I went to Hungary on the advice of a close friend and I must say I’m thrilled! 16 implants, bone fillers with periodontitis … no small jobs, and some apprehension from 2000 km, I will lie to say otherwise! What convinced me? The testimony of a friend who had wiped the plaster, and the seriousness of the Hungarian clinic in his treatment plan, and of course, to equivalent transactions, an estimate 60% cheaper !!! Several French quotes, quotes several Hungarian despite everything, to compare with my friend clinic (including the company mentioned in the article …). Result: French practitioners can not compete in price, even if we add the cost of travel, hotel, and the Franco-Hungarian translator and companion who accompanied me throughout my care (who lives in France, it’s important to have a contact here). The difference is enormous! But in my case, complicated, the price was not the only criterion. On the assumption, everything was perfect! High level of equipment, no pain, a monitoring program to the letter. Radio checks to confirm proper place (given to the patient, so confirmed by my dentist!). Now, to be passed, I recommend starting with an agency that is not too much publicity because it has a cost that the end customer pays! Besides if I compare the estimate of the clinic which I passed, and the estimate of the agency quoted in the article, I have won hundreds of dollars, for services which were not superior ! The best pubs, the word of mouth, and the agency through which I passed only works with a single clinic, guaranteeing a good knowledge of the healthcare team and its capabilities well. It really is total trust them. And it shows. Outcome, I allowed 3 knowledge to benefit in turn and each time successfully! Since company names are mentioned, I give you the name with which I conducted myself:

Anonymous (Sunday, January 20, 2015): Hello! I will perhaps seem excessive but here’s my experience: I used a orthodontist to straighten two incisors overlapped. After a year of “rings” I realized that many would be shaken to pull teeth, unsightly areas that had settled between the teeth, etc. and that after the restraint should move to implants, to 2000 euro coins besides various treatments and prostheses that is to say a huge budget out of proportion to the originally envisaged, yet already substantial. In short, the orthodontist has planted and especially persevered wrong! Consulted several periodontists agree on this and want to try to repair the damage, but discourage me to call on Justice or a Conciliation Commission arguing that I would have no luck … I wait anxiously quotes we will introduce myself! My overall impression is that the prosthesis market (and I include orthodontic bands) is juicy and some (s) have only a distant idea of ethics or ethics … and I summarized my “adventures” of this past year, adventures unfortunately far from over and that I am seriously considering recount writing under a title such as “I have a grudge against my dentist or Stop banditry and orthodontic dentistique! So I fully understand those who are asking prostheses abroad! Maybe I should have do so! Maybe should I use it to repair the damage!”

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Dental tourism agencies

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