Soladent is not all about state of the art equipment, perfect sterile environment and highly trained and experienced doctors, but especially about warm and kind people. You feel special when you are there, but when you leave, is like you won the lottery: perfect works, no pain, no stress, just great results and a time nicely spent. Hard to believe, right? Go there and you will see. Or just give them a call, you’ll get the feeling.

Soladent is located in the perfect place in Bucharest: quiet and nice residential area, very close to the way to the airport, but also close to the city centre. Contact details: 150A, Avenue Ion Mihalache, Bucharest; phone: +40-737.142.140 / +40-722.289.110 / +40-; email:; web contact form:

Some of the most important dental treatment carried out at Soladent:

Dental implants in Romania

Romania is known for implant dentistry. Soladent Dental Clinic specializes in implant dentistry in bone graft in sinus lift and other surgical procedures that can help bone rehabilitation, because it is inevitable, if the patient does not have good bone mass. Good bone mass is the condition for the effective implementation.

Periodontal surgery

Periodontal disease is fairly common. When calculus and biofilm are not completely eliminated, the toxins produced by the bacteria infect and irritate the gums and attack tissue. Surgery can correct the situation and remedy the problem. After the operation, if you follow good post-operative instructions in addition to taking pain medication, you can resume normal activities the next day. As periodontal disease cannot be completely eliminated, the patient suffers should consult your dentist regularly to monitor his gums and make sure to maintain good periodontal health. For those who do not want surgery, an alternative open to them in drug form.

Cosmetic Dentists

Modern materials and techniques developed allow the achievement of correct reconstructions not only from a medical point of view, but also aesthetic. Ceramic inlays, full porcelain crowns or ceramic zirconium make the appearance an important factor in making a medical decision. In the embodiment of a filling composite particularly important, beyond the quality of the materials used, it is the attention to color harmony and occlusal modeling. Thus, the aesthetic part of the medical act is treated with the attention and importance as desired by the patient and the medical team. Teeth whitening, another aspect of cosmetic dentistry, performed with the whitening light will return to your white smile you desire in a single session without pain and adverse reactions.

Children are welcome!

For good dental health, we must see it from childhood. Come with your children to have a live positive experience of discovery and exploration of the world of dentistry. With passionate pediatric dentistry and eager to get them through a mild and pleasant time dental hygienist, your children will be treated like royalty!

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Dental care at Soladent in Bucharest Romania

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