Your cheapest dental care in Hungary: Between 50 and 70% savings on the price of dental care compared to the rates generally charged in west.

No compromise on quality dental care: The best dental clinics were selected by the Esthetic Tours teams for dental excellence.

Dental treatment abroad, do not go on an adventure!

Do not be fooled by beautiful websites that promise you the moon! Chinese implants, many Korean dental implants … are dentists who, in order to display prices very attractive dental use products without guarantees. After hundreds of satisfied patients Esthetic Swiss Tours, meanwhile, now offers all francophone patients to accompany them abroad to perform dental care without compromising on quality and security.

Now, a personal story – how to get to and treat your dental problems in Hungary:

We were at JILDENT so we can talk about them and it’s worth it, not only because they speak our language really well but also because they are nice and then go to the dentist it becomes a cakewalk, I say that of pure pleasure. Everything goes smoothly, we are constantly fuss over you, and not to worry about this, even roulette you do not feel it!

In the price of the quote that you will be notified and you can already make you by email or in writing or by phone everything is included, no extra charge for after care. For example I have made to a bridge on two missing front teeth go again as a result of an infection from a tooth removed by them in order to make the bridge they could not put it permanently, care of the 2nd visit are totally free!

We suggest to adequately describe the problem, if possible, to send a panoramic radio, saying the advice of his own dentist and ask for treatment options. According to your own ideas and availability of budget, and their advice and suggestions you choose the most appropriate solution for you. Once there you can still change the solution if that seems best. There QUICK solution to all problems.

Take good time to reflect on proposed before taking his final appointment solutions. To this must be notified 15 days before the first date most certainly if you know when you can go out there and especially if a lot of care.

The first visit will be long after 4 am at the dentist because there you go discuss solutions to implement, even if it is already decided, but seeing you can find another solution that is most appropriate in your case and … everything comes together very quickly, we will do if you do not have to cost you a panoramic radio: 40 euro and we start caring, albeit with pauses for 3 h mouth open …

As we see everything just happens and everything is easy, do not hesitate to ask any questions before you crumple, discuss at length solutions, the time it will take you .. to prepare you best according to your schedule and obligations .

Normally most of the care are over 5 working days, the firm is not open on Saturday against by dental offices are open 12 hours a day!! it is clear that for some long work 5 days may not be sufficient, it is the dentist who will tell you as if you implantology you should come back about four months after laying al root to finish the job but it’s the same everywhere in France and Japan or the Zulus! They might be fast and efficient we can hasten the healing of a magic!

HOW IS IN HUNGARY? if you are smart see the cheap kind Euro 1 flight times and set your appointment for this period… or you will find flight and hotel, a formula that may be interesting, but your calculations because sometimes a flight with SkyEurope purchase and nights in a hotel will be cheaper…


We used the hotel as CSAZSAR 10 minutes walk from the dentist:

Great location: hotel MARCO POLO

Central and at the door of the hotel a tram line 4 lets you Margrit just after the bridge and there was 15 minutes walk up the street Frankel Leo, you pass the bathroom and Lukas Hotel Csazsar you will find a square or later you will have to cross to take the avenue that will cross the Frankel Leo and a little more effort on your right you will find Lukas street or lodge your torturer dentist. You simply ask the people are friendly, but easy to find


We can recommend a typical Hungarian diner where we only speak Hungarian or serves typical cuisine and the range is good enough to provide the menu, but never regret the trip in addition to almost nothing, so to try.

After Margrit bridge, continue walking straight ahead, take the street right after the Frankel Leo Street is the street and there on your right in the back for 50 meters invisible tavern: the CLIP CZADAR it descends steps to reach it.


There is a bus from the airport to the metro and will it put you in the city quite fast.

Take the bus to the airport exit not in front as more expensive but on your right, bring BEFORE tickets.

So the bus takes you to the blue metro line 3 and get off a DEAK TER which is the central point where all or subways, trams, buses cross from there continue with other ways to reach your final destination

Example: If hotel Csazar NOT get off at Deak ter but continue 2 metro stops off at Nyugati and therefore take the tram a few steps from the subway exit on 4 or 6 Down just after the bridge Margrit, c ‘ie 2 or 3 stations wherever you are mounted, anyway a bridge you cannot miss it right? Cross by finding you the right side of the street, a few meters back and go right Frankel Leo Street and in 5-7 minutes walk you will find the hotel on your right just after baths Lukas.

Example: If Marco Polo: get off at Deak ter and al take the red metro line number 2 towards ORVEZERTERE and stop at the 2nd station: BLAHA LUJAS TER Management up to someone who will put you on the right platform !

From this hotel you then have the option to take tram 4 or 6 that lets you Margrit after the bridge and see explanations in other fields to get to the dentist!


Do NOT buy the Budapest Card, which costs an arm and a head because it certainly gives discounts but you will see you will not use as much of your time will be to the same dentist assured you will have time to visit the city that is superb.

Purchase a book of 10 or 20 tickets at stations or kiosks, ATTENTION not be without tickets in the evening as outlets close early or very early! Because of the frequent controls, is not fun to ride without a ticket or not to drill in their small and invisible presques composters in the s bus or tram

WARNING for the metro there BEFORE compost down on the docks otherwise you are breaking and punishable by fine and we do not laugh at the Hungarian Soviet soul … pure and simple … still flat before going down to the docks to watch as well here too the compost is almost invisible if more of the world and has lost half you will not see it!

A good solution is the Budapest Card BUT without the right to discount that you buy in kiosks and stations, valid ou3 1 or 7 days at least you’re still rule!

ATTENTION we compost to each line, tram or bus or subway, i.e. if it will change 3 times, 3 tickets compost is why the Budapest card (no reduction) can be useful if you expect a lot of movement per day, it can also depend on where you have your hotel.

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