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Happy Smile dental clinic Romania review

Dental clinic in Romania - Happy Smile

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Dental tourism to Romania reviews - users opinion and advise

Review posted on May 02, 2015:

Romania is an attractive destination for dental tourism. It's worth coming over for something a bit more complex than a filling thou, to make it worth the travel cost. Most dental procedure are a lot cheaper then in USA or Western Europe. The good part is that the materials, including implants, ceramic crowns etc, come from the same supplier as those in USA or Germany - implants come form USA or Coreea, Germany etc. same as the one form USA. The same with most materials.

Review posted on April 12, 2015:

I recently completed seven implants and had a crown replaced in Brasov, Romania for €3700 total. The dental work I'm Romania is first-class. I paid about less than ONE-FIFTEENTH the going rate in the USA.

Review posted on Feb 25, 2015:

Come to my place . i also have trouble with teeth so i know'em well . Top dentists are aglomerated in august when is full of germans . You need a reservation or apointment how you say . Prices are for example , so you can compare the prices , for a porcelain teeth with a bridge is around 100 euros , thats 130 $ . A repair at a teeth is 30 - 40 $ .

Review posted on Nov 24, 2014:

My sister got treated at Happy Dent 24 clinic in Brasov, Romania and she was very satisfied with the services it provided. The doctors were very kind and the prices are very affordable.

Review posted on Oct 11, 2013:

hmmm Romania. I've been to Romania 3 times and if I had to have emergency treatment it want to know who was the best....

Review posted on Sep 18, 2014:

My aunt from Chicago and then 4 other friends of her came to Brasov, Romania which was even declared top destination clinic in Eastern Europe by a national newspaper... The rating was according to many factors like quality of materials, services, warranty, and a price/value calculation, and the numberof services offered. Moreover, Brasov received a highest rating than any other city for the tourist possibilities, prices and services value. Most important they are the only one working by Cambridge dental standards and materials which in my opinion is the most important aspect. I think its easy to offer cheap teeth but hard to get good teeth that lasts twice as many years for these prices. The people from so far are the best in the Dental Tourism domain in my opinion. 3 from 5 of my friends who went there and also went to Romania said it is by far the best quality/price they found and also the company offers whatever kind of service you can imagine... mostly, whatever you ask or want to do while you stay in the city to finish your dental treatment, they will provide or help you find the best deal. I have been to Hungary to a dental clinic 2 years ago and also in Bucharest, but since the autumn of 2014 when i was in Brasov i recomended those people to all my friends and 2 of them already went there and came back saying only good things about them. So far this is the best my friends and i experienced in this domain.