What can you do: 1) Redo all your teeth in Hungary: Dental implant and bone graft

Inserted in the jawbone where it integrates into the bone and tissue, the implant will eventually replace the natural tooth root. This solution enables the creation of fixed and perfectly stable prostheses which are then placed on the implants (prosthetic element).

When bone loss is important, dental implants can intervene and place a dental implant in a too narrow area. It is necessary to first perform a bone graft to increase bone volume.

An incision in the mucosa provides access to the side wall of the sinus. Access to the sinus itself is made through a bone window of variable size and geometry. The sinus membrane is lifted gently. A filling material is introduced therein. The mucoperiosteal flap is sutured.

The implants can be performed at the same time that the bone augmentation or delayed after 6 to 9 months of healing.

2) Redo all your teeth in Hungary: Dental Bridge

In partially edentulous, the dentist may recommend the placement of a dental bridge (or simply “bridge”). The bridge is generally carried by the teeth at each side of the hole. These teeth (or support pillars) are previously cut so that the bridge can be fixed. Bridges consist of pure ceramic and cemented on the support pillars. A bridge can be installed successfully provided there is enough tooth structure at the piers

Bridges help make your natural appearance and they help you to eat and speak properly. There are many different types of bridges.

3) Redo all your teeth in Hungary: Dental Crown

When the root is intact and the visible portion of a tooth (unique) is broken or heavily damaged, dentists can restore the tooth optimal aesthetics with a crown. A crown is placed over a tooth damaged by decay or a fracture, to cover and protect it by restoring its form, aesthetics, size and strength. The crown is fixed and cemented to the tooth. For this, the tooth will first be milled.

4) Redo all your teeth in Hungary: Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin shells that cover the front teeth. They are used to restore stained teeth, discolored, deformed or slightly damaged by wear. The facets are mostly placed on the front teeth, so they correct the contour, color and size of teeth to improve the appearance of the smile.

The technique of dental veneers reliable, thanks to the bonding agent and the vitreous ceramic whose surface allows a permanent retention of the color over time.

Our mission is to give the patient the choice of country and practitioner with a cost of 30 to 60% cheaper than in France. Unlike existing offerings that offer no alternative Ypsee is the only company to perform multiple quote requests simultaneously with partner surgeons.

– Study phase.

The study phase allows you to submit your requests, whatever the field of intervention, partners Surgeons. You will receive a maximum of eight days the opinions and estimates (excluding the cost of the flight and accommodation).

Once medical questionnaires and precisely formulated demands, specifications are stored in your secure space. Solicited surgeons connect authentication and thus come into direct relationship with patients.

– Organization Phase.

If the study phase was validated by your surgeon, the organizational phase can then begin with an accompaniment to all stages of your project: Validation availability of the medical team, help in booking the ticket, hotel reservation and management in the country where the intervention will take place.

How much does it cost to redo all his teeth in Hungary?

Based on 200 managed clients to date, we confirm that a saving of around 60% compared to prices in France. The quality of materials used and the level practitioner skills are equivalent to the French references.

This price difference is due to different elements:

1. The governments of foreign countries have attractive tax incentives: elimination of customs duties on the import of medical equipment and materials (breast implants, Botox etc.) with security exemptions (property, investments, personal).

2. The currencies like the Euro or Pound Sterling English are strong currencies against local currencies. The exchange rate is very favorable.

3. The difference in cost of living, the minimum wage in Hungary is around 300 Euro / month.

The reimbursement of social security and mutual abroad?

Since more than 10 years ago, many of the citizens insured in an EU country may be reimbursed by Medicare care received in another state “member of the European Union or party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area” without prior authorization, as if it had been received at home.

What can I do in case of trouble?

We operate in an area where respect for human dignity is a fundamental value. To translate our commitment to this value, we have defined a quality charter so our relationship is held in confidence and transparently.

For dental surgery know that dental clinics prepare a written security agreement that is given to the patient at the end of treatment. The warranty can be claimed only from the clinic that performed the work. The guarantee of the implants is only valid if the clinic has completed all treatments (implant / bone graft + abutment and crown or implant bridge).

Advise of the day

Redo all your teeth in Hungary

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We base all our work on reliable and high authority information sources. The pick of today is: https://www.docklandsdental.ie/blog/.

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