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Special destination for dental treatment abroad - LatviaDental treatment is painful? Nonsense! Nowadays a painless dental treatment is quite possible and is achieved through high-quality narcotics. They are industrially manufactured in perfect proportions and have little likelihood of allergic reactions.

Dental treatment is time-consuming? It is not true. The work in a good clinic is carefully planned.

Special destination for dental treatment abroad - Latvia

Since we know the treatment plan, we can the necessary treatment for the time calculated earlier. Our dentists always endeavour in scheduling to meet your needs to respond. For example, two mornings 10-12 clock - and does it all! You should not have to sit for hours in the waiting room; you have a specific date, and this time is reserved just for you.

Dental treatment is expensive? Yes, expensive if you have to fix it, which was neglected for years. If you had a rickety car, what the ravages of time have taken their toll - it would probably be even cheaper to buy a new car, not to invest in the repair. But a new health cannot be bought. However, once you bring the whole oral cavity in order and then regularly visited the precautionary measures, the cost is not more than oh so expensive. After regular and timely visits to the dentist to care for teeth is even pleasant. Believe or not - we have patients who take on the dentist chair even a nap. If you still do not have a dentist, you make a choice!

In order to know how much money you should invest in the health of the teeth, visit a dentist and work together with him a treatment plan. The holes in teeth are not caused by themselves; with time they are becoming ever larger, more complicated, agonizing and expensive repairable. Maybe this time you should forego another, not so important project and think about your health?

At the dentist, you can get various infectious diseases? Lie! Nowadays one uses high-quality sterilization methods and working with instruments and materials, which are intended for single use only. This is required by the patient's medical history to take the allowed additional security measures. The risk is only in it for the wrong dentist to decide the saving of security due to low prices.

Dental treatment in Latvia is less high? No. The Latvian dentists have access to all materials, equipment, tools and technologies in the world. The education of dentists corresponds to the world level. Our doctors take part in international conferences and attend presentations by guest lecturers in Latvia. No wonder that many foreigners prefer the teeth to repair with us - high quality and much lower prices than elsewhere in Europe.

Dental treatment abroad – Latvia. Where to?

Dental Clinic V.Vanags

The Dental Clinic V.Vanags is one of the first private zahnärtzlichen clinics in the restored Republic of Latvia. It was founded in 1991 as a private company of Dr. Valdis Vanags. The founder of the clinic is a dentist with 28 years of experience and professional practice in Sweden. Our clinic has introduced one of the first rigorous standards for quality control in the work, our work is subject to an internal control, and we are constantly trying to improve our work organization

Working principles of the Dental Clinic Dr. Vanags
-  Strong Team

In the Dental Clinic V.Vanags a highly qualified team works. With the patient not only the doctor but also the dental hygienist and administrators working. This allows not only successfully the state to control the oral cavity of the patient, but also a high level of internal quality control team to maintain.

- Personal responsibility for the patient

The aim of the cooperation between the clinic and the patient is, the functions and the beauty of the oral cavities. Due to a successful therapy is a maximum co-operation between doctor and patient and a strong sense of responsibility. Our team identifies an individual and empathetic treatment of your needs, we try to find the best solution just for you.

- Loyalty of patients

Due to the highest standards in dentistry and a professional care of patients is one of our clinic at the best dental practices in Latvia. From a high quality of work testifies without doubt the fact that 90% of patients after the first visit are regular customers of the clinic. The majority of nines customers we gain through referrals from other customers. Important that patients from Scandinavia, Great Britain and other European countries, the service quality of our clinic appreciate very highly.

- Special care at the highest level

We have recognized that the level of customer satisfaction is even higher if the patient gets more than he expected. Not only the expertise but also the educational work on patients is our everyday life. The customers of the Dental Clinic V.Vanags always be reminded of their scheduled visits; we always try to find the cheapest for the patient time for a dental visit.
The Dental Clinic Dr. V. Vanags is located in the center of Riga. It has a convenient location - easy to reach by public transport, as well as the personal car, you may park in the parking lot free of charge.

Address: Rīga, Ventspils iela 31 k.2, 2nd floor
Tel .: 67220735
Fax: 67374510
Working time: Mo.Di.Mi.Do. 8-20, Fri 8-14, Sat / Sun. closed

SIA accipitor Group
Reg.num. 40103406147
Nordea Bank Latvia, Conto num. LV62NDEA0000083134838

Dental treatment destinations. Latvian dentists have access to all materials, equipment, tools, technologies, education and training in the world