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Poland for dental treatment and careNew teeth such as bridges, dentures or crowns are expensive. Therefore, more and more consumers prefer a dental treatment in other European countries considered. There, the treatments, especially in Poland are often much cheaper than in Germany. Thus may be explained save a lot of money. But before treatment beyond the borders there is a lot to consider.

Many Polish dentists introduce themselves with their own home page on the Internet. You can search "Dentures Poland" etc. on the Internet with a search engine to addresses under the keywords "dentist Poland".

Poland for dental treatment and care

In addition to ultra-modern treatment centres are, of course, smaller clinics, which specialize for the treatment of patients. For price-conscious patients, such practices are much more interesting. The prices there are much lower than in U.S. - and a patient can save a lot of money. The quality of work is very good as a rule.

Step by step to the dentist in Poland

1. If there is no treatment plan established under the previous treatment, it is advisable to first consult a dentist in your home town and set up a treatment plan. This is free with the exception of the practice fee for insured patients.

2. On this basis, you can create a custom treatment plan of Polish dentist. The best of the estimate should be written in English language.

3. With these documents, please contact your health insurance. This tells you the amount of costs to be borne by you.

4. You can now choose...


Warranty and Guarantee

Every dentist is committed to a careful treatment, he is not liable for the healing success. Most dentists in Poland is warranted for at least two years. They can give this in writing.

If symptoms occur as a result of the treatment, the treatment is carried out in the rule in Poland; unless the local dentist works with a colleague back home.


A local dentist is indeed committed for emergency treatment. But he must and will not accept the repair work of colleagues.

Cost of dental treatment


The prices in reputable dental clinics in Eastern Europe are not bad. So it makes sense to ask for the prices. And then go one over the eyes. The dental clinics operate not with dumping prices, rather the contrary. Since prices are mentioned principle, which lie on the identical level as in a normal practice in U.S. Only because of the excellent service, however rather - through critical examination, one concludes that it is because of allegedly lower prices would be unlikely to be worthwhile to go for treatment to a luxurious dental clinic.




Hahs dental clinic


“Dental treatment of the highest quality! For over 30 years we have developed our expertise.

The recognition of our patients, we owe both the experience of our dentists and the use of the latest technologies in the dental treatment.

The trust of our patients based on the results of the medical team - our dentists are both in Europe and in America continuously trained.

We treat patients receiving high aesthetics, individual counselling, and careful management of their dentist expect.

The cooperation of dentists of various specialties as well as close cooperation with the dental laboratory guarantees a versatile and professional treatment. The dental technician use directly in the clinical area includes unnecessary waiting - and commuting times.


Comfort and usability

Comfort and satisfaction of our patients are our most important goal. We do value your time. The treatment plan is correct from the dentist on your needs.

Our dentists are available for you 6 days a week available:

Monday to Friday 8-21 Saturday 8-15 clock.


Communication: With our patients from abroad we communicate in German and English.

Accommodation: A single room at the Hotel Panorama close to our dental clinic costs approximately 30 EUR. The patients in the dental clinic HAHS, this hotel at 10% discount. We are happy to accept the reservation for you.

Dental treatment destinations. In addition to ultra-modern treatment centres in Poland are many smaller clinics, which specialize for the treatment of patients with special care

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