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Perfect dental and summer holiday in BulgariaIf you do not know what to do next summer and want to discover a new country, you will find great offers for dental holidays in Bulgaria that will help you get the dental care provided by ultra-modern clinics installed in the vicinity of a seaside resort.

Why not mix business with pleasure? In a 5 star hotel at the forefront of the Black Sea in the resorts bustling "Golden Sands" which is located near the city of Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria.

Perfect dental and summer holiday in Bulgaria

Tourist activities are on offer, including water skiing, jet skiing, ecotourism and spa. Enjoy a dental week stay in Varna and leave with new crown or bridge.

Apart care within orthodontics, all procedures and treatments offered by the German Swiss clinic Varna: here's a quick overview of the dental care that you are possible to achieve in one week:

First, a consultation and diagnosis in order to obtain a comprehensive overview on the state of your teeth.
If you decide to perform your care in that institution, consultation and treatment plan will not be charged

Dental crowns and partial prosthetic reconstruction

-     old dentures change (crowns or crowns of bridge no more than 5 items)
-     creating new bridge or crowns (no more than 5 items)

Some examples of prices:

-     1 ceramic crown: € 233 (radios and temporary crown included)
-     1 bridge 3 ceramic crowns or 3 individual crowns: € 659
     (radios and temporary crowns included)
-     Bridge 1 5 ceramic crowns or five individual crowns: € 1,075
     (radios and temporary crowns included)

Cosmetic dental care

-     teeth whitening, care of 45 min, UV lamp 233 €
-     * porcelain veneers, cosmetic restoration (4-6 teeth, maximum): € 1,232 (4 facets) to 1848 € (6 facets)
-     * Provide 120 to 150 € of costs (radios, anesthesia, pain, ect ...)

Dental implants:
All poses dental implants are possible from a first visit, upper and lower jaw, with small bone fill if necessary and according to the state of your jaw bone.
For information: healthy tissue is required before implant placement, no inflammation or infection status are required. If necessary, gums will be first processed.

Sample prices (German brand Bredent, screws and pillars included):

-     placing of a dental implant * 589 €
-     installation of two dental implants *: € 1,178
-     Installation of 4 dental implants *: € 2,356
-     application of 6 dental implants with temporary fixed bridge * (complete upper jaw): € 4,394
-     * Exams and expenses: Scanner: € 144; anesthesia, pain killers, antibiotics, ect ...: 50 to 120 €, depending on the number of implant.

For information:
To make a completely replacing missing teeth with dental implants, a second stay is necessary to achieve the prosthesis implant (after a healing period 3 to 6 months after implant placement performed during the first visit).
Please refer to the examples above prices for dentures.
PS: the price is the same for a crown on natural or implant-supported tooth, the only price differs depending on the type of crown, zirconia or porcelain fused to metal. ).


Dental implants and tourism

Many patients today decide to provide dental or other dental care through dental implants or through dental abroad. The Bulgaria today heavily frequented by patients from seeking cheaper dental care and ensuring the same quality or even better quality than in metropolitan France.
Yes of course: in Bulgaria, the patient can couple his dental treatment (dental implants, dentures, teeth whitening, bone grafts) with extra-medical activities.

Many dental agencies can organize for you a real vacation in parallel with your dental care. Thanks to the proposed formulas, you can enjoy tourist activities between dental treatments. If you opt for a dental visit in Bulgaria, usually the clinic or agency reserve the accommodation for you, so you have the option of staying at the seaside in the heart of the resort. You will stay (e) in a 4 star or 5 star hotel with pool at discounted rates. Even better, many activities are available on site such as:

-         the spa and thalassotherapy
-         beauty treatments in aesthetic medicine
-         excursions
-         food and wine tasting
-         sports
-         safari exploring the area
-         ecotourism

So your stay becomes dental trip. You spend real vacation while receiving dental care in one of the best private dental clinics in Bulgaria.

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