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Dental care in AlbaniaTravel and smile: dental in Albania: you will have the opportunity to enjoy professional dental care and save money.

Dentists in Albania offers reduced fares, giving you the opportunity to save up to 60 % compared to dentists in western countries. In other words, with dental treatment abroad in Albania you can afford to take care of your teeth without fear of compromising your financial stability.

Dental care in Albania

Other advantages? Taking advantage of low cost, you can easily reach any Albanian dental clinic for many western cities and enjoy a great holiday in Tirana with the people of your choice.

Albanian dental lab tech, coordinated and operated by expert technicians, always attentive to the needs of the patient and able to work with using the best currently available technologies: the latest equipment, such as laser sintering Precimill Yena DCS CAD / CAM Council-els, IPS Empress and thermopress elastic Bredent and materials of high quality skeletons (everything is inspected and CE certified) make Albanian laboratories pinnacle dentistry.

All procedures performed in Albanian dental clinics are usually guaranteed for 5 years and complies with all standards imposed by the European Union to ensure maximum safety for your health and oral health. All equipment is guaranteed top quality. In addition, the clinics are able to provide all necessary information about the provenance and traceability of all materials used.

This information is necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of dental care for anyone deciding to visit a dentist abroad in Albania or elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Patients opting for dental treatment abroad should pay close attention to such details as the hygiene and quality of the materials used are essential for your health. That is why it is important that the structure is tooling that achieve sterilization of all equipment previously used with other patients, while meeting with CE standards. All Albanian clinics have sterilization equipment necessary to guarantee a perfect hygiene, and follows strictly all standards imposed by the European community. Another very important aspect is the origin of the materials used. For example, titanium dental implants CE mark can be first or second class, this implying, of course, different costs. We recommend only those first-class because they guarantee good support from the tooth and allows to provide 5 years warranty.

Dental treatment clinics in Albania

Viaggiare & Sorridere – Dentisti in Albania
Tel: (+33) 184884448

Dr. Mimosa KOKONA
Tel.: 04 222 36 80 (landline)
068 20 85 232 (mobile)
Boulevard Zog IER

Dr. Andis QENDRO
069 873 20 80 (mobile)

Clinique dentistry UFO
Kavaja Avenue
Tel.: 04 224 00 28 (landline)

Dental treatment destinations. Dentists in Albania, travel and smile - professionals at your service to ensure a perfect smile and great savings

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