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Dental tourism in Romania: great convenience for you

The Dental Tourism today comes from Eastern Europe: Dental Tourism means traveling to foreign countries to spend less on dental care. In Europe, especially in Eastern countries, there are many agencies, clinics and dentists who provide dental services at prices lower than those in U.S. or UK. We find clinics with offers to the western market in all the countries of Ea ... [read more]

Quality dental care at reasonable prices in Romania

If you have a recent dental panoramic radio, send mail to the dentist, having previously scanned. This will inform them your dental situation and allow him to make a preliminary diagnosis. Of course, this will never replace an initial visit prior to any treatment. If you cannot scan the radio, you can send it by mail. You can send a quote / dental treatment plan from ... [read more]

Poland for dental treatment and care

New teeth such as bridges, dentures or crowns are expensive. Therefore, more and more consumers prefer a dental treatment in other European countries considered. There, the treatments, especially in Poland are often much cheaper than in Germany. Thus may be explained save a lot of money. But before treatment beyond the borders there is a lot to consider. Many Polish d ... [read more]

Cheapest dental care in Hungary

Welcome to Hungary, from now on a team of professionals will accompany you in your efforts in order to make your dental care in the best dental clinics in Hungary, or other chosen for their lower cost, without compromising on quality destinations. Dental clinics and dentists certified ISO 9001: Do you need to make you ask dental implants, bridges, crowns or cosmetic d ... [read more]

Special destination for dental treatment abroad - Latvia

Dental treatment is painful? Nonsense! Nowadays a painless dental treatment is quite possible and is achieved through high-quality narcotics. They are industrially manufactured in perfect proportions and have little likelihood of allergic reactions. Dental treatment is time-consuming? It is not true. The work in a good clinic is carefully planned. [read more]

Czech Republic for dental treatment

Current quality standards for your affordable dentures can also be found near the Czech Republic border. Don't you ever want to get to know the cultural city of Prague? Why not related to a low-cost dental treatment, the new bridge or the cheap veneer? Simply connect your dental treatment with a dentist in the Czech Republic and get also a cultural holiday. Make your p ... [read more]

Recommended dental treatment clinics in Croatia

Most dental procedures are covered by the national health insurance Croatia. In general, medical procedures are covered, while cosmetic procedures may not. There may be a charge for some services: for example, regular fillings are covered by national health insurance, but white composite fillings are additional. There are also many private dentists in Zagreb whose rat ... [read more]

Perfect dental and summer holiday in Bulgaria

If you do not know what to do next summer and want to discover a new country, you will find great offers for dental holidays in Bulgaria that will help you get the dental care provided by ultra-modern clinics installed in the vicinity of a seaside resort. Why not mix business with pleasure? In a 5 star hotel at the forefront of the Black Sea in the resorts bustling "G ... [read more]

Dental care in Albania

Travel and smile: dental in Albania: you will have the opportunity to enjoy professional dental care and save money. Dentists in Albania offers reduced fares, giving you the opportunity to save up to 60 % compared to dentists in western countries. In other words, with dental treatment abroad in Albania you can afford to take care of your teeth without fear of compromi ... [read more]

Dental care at Soladent in Bucharest Romania

Soladent Dental Clinic offers full treatment and dental implants until the completion of the prostheses. Using the latest technologies and products of the highest quality, the clinic performs advanced treatments with maximum comfort, accuracy and speed for the patient. For more complex cases, it has rooms for surgery under general anaesthesia on an outpatient or inpati ... [read more]
When we discuss about going abroad for dental treatment, with Eastern Europe as an example, we have to understand one significant aspect: the services are not so much cheaper because the clinics and dentists are low in quality or in safety. Is a fact, most of the top clinics are a lot better equipped than the usual average clinic in any major dentist office from U.S. or UK. The difference is based on many other things - basically on the country economic level. For example (see, the average salary of a dentist in U.S. was two years ago as much as $163000, which is about four times the average individual income nationwide. And now let's ask: how much is four times the average individual salary in Romania? Less than $22000! So, a good dentist in Romania makes 7 times less than an American one, and is still very happy with such money, because all prices are lower. Rent for a three bedroom apartment in best areas is less than $1000, a good beer in a fancy restaurant is 3-4 bucks, you get the idea.

Why we say that dental clinics in Eastern Europe are better equipped than the average U.S. ones? Three main reasons: most of them are brand new; most of them are doing well based on high maintenance customers, local and from abroad; they are far from producing rich people, so they try a lot harder. Are there any risks if you go abroad for a dental treatment, compared to your local dentist? Of course, but as anywhere, there are things you better avoid. You go for cheap, but too cheap is usually bad. And is not like when you look for a nice place to go for the holidays, when less advertising might mean you will not get to a crowded places. In this particular area of dental tourism, bigger the advertising campaign means usually better the quality. We are in the era of Internet, and bad publicity can close this type of business in a matter of months.

Where are the best destinations for dental treatment? What country, which clinic, what doctor? We're going to visit the most suitable destinations in all the good places and write about them in this section, we hope you will enjoy reading our info and articles.