Affordable dental care
Owing to the quality and price of dental treatment in Latvia, it is one of the most sought-after services among tourists. Local experts will find fast and high quality solutions to your problems - there many clinics in Latvia offering high quality stomatology services.

Dentists in Latvia have gained extensive international experience in dentistry and almost everyone of them speaks fluent English, therefore if a patient is looking for dentists abroad, those specialists will be the ones they are looking for.

Stomatological procedures costs in Latvia

And now the prices:

Oral examination, preparation of treatment plan and qoute = $50.

Small X-ray = $10.

Dental X-ray (panoramic) = $30.

Annual control examination in Riga (inc. examination, panoramic X-ray, transfer) = $80.

Tooth extraction (with bone preservation) = $70.

Wisdom tooth extraction = $180.

Root resection (front teeth) = $180.

Implant  replace = $1010.

Crown with abutment = $700.

Healing Cap = $90.

Total - Replace Implant System (standard abutment and metal ceramic crown) = $1710.

Total - Replace Implant System (Zirconium abutment) = $2360.

Sinus lift (close/open) = $640.

Tooth with one root canal = $130.

Tooth with two root canals = $180.

Tooth with three root canals = $260.

Tooth with four root canals = $260.

Bone Grafting(syrgery) = $260.

0.5 Gr Bone (BioOss) = $170.

Composite onlay = $220.

Porcelain inlay / onlay = $370.

Composite tooth restoration = $170.

Composite tooth fillings = $60.

Metalceramic crown, bridge (per unit) = $280.

Metal-free porcelain crown, bridge (per unit)  = $460.

Ceramic Gold Crown (with 2g gold) = $460.

Full porcelain Crown or Bridge unit with Zirconium = $550.

Metalceramic crown to an implant (without abutment) = $520.

Zirconium crown to an implant (without abutment) = $740.

Temporary abutment = $90.

Temporary crown = $60.

Temporary denture (partial or full) = $260.

Removable plastic denture = $550.

Removable metal denture = $550.

Porcelain veneer = $550.

Full professional tooth whitening in the consultation room (Britesmile) = $830.

Professional Home Tooth Whitening Kit = $280.

Office Teeth Whitening (one tooth) = $60.

Professional teeth cleaning & polishing 60 min = $60.

Night Guard capa = $150.

Dental procedures costs. Latvia is the country where the quality of the stomatological treatment is equal with the best European clinics but the prices are several times lower.

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