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Cost of dentistry in AlbaniaBeautiful teeth are vital to gaining self-confidence and can be a key element in finding success in relationships. We know from reading the newspapers that celebrities often pay small fortunes to gain that dazzling, perfect smile.

The good news is that you can now get the smile you've always wanted without paying astronomical prices.

Cost of dentistry in Albania

Albania is the perfect dental-tourism destination, offering high quality treatments at excellent prices. By traveling to Albania you can save up to 60% on dental treatments with no compromise to the level of service. Thanks to low costs in Albania, anyone can afford to treat their teeth properly, and visit a country with a lot of history and beauties. In case you wonder what to do to get an affordable loan - visit this site.

Here are some of the best deals you can get in Albania - in high quality dental clinics:

Aesthetic composite filling - best offer: $57.

Aesthetic veneers Ivoclar Vivadent – IPS Empress - best offer: $410.

Ceramic crown in semi-noble metal - best offer: $328.

Complete professional teeth cleaning - best offer: $57.

Cosmetic Alumina – Ceramic Veneers - best offer: $410.

Cosmetic IPS Empress Veneers - best offer: $443.

Crown with integral ceramics, IPS Empress - best offer: $476.

Devitalization and endodontic therapy in single-rooted / bi-rooted / triple-rooted teeth - best offer: $98.

Fixed prosthesis of 12 ceramic crowns + 8/10 titanium implants (per arch) - best offer: $7528.

Large increase of the maxillary sinus membrane using biocompatible material (class one) - best offer: $1279.

Precision Titanium Easy Grip Dental implants (recommended for individual teeth. The price includes the stump and the healing screw). - best offer: $886.

Professional bleaching - best offer: $138.

Provisional crown made from reinforced resin - best offer: $36.

Semi-fixed prosthesis with aesthetic resin + 4 titanium implants (per arch) - best offer: $3608.

Simple extraction of tooth or root - best offer: $36.

Simple, metallic ceramic crown - best offer: $262.

Surgical tooth extraction - best offer: $85.

Titanium dental implants Wis. / Minivent / Osstem (price includes the stump and the healing screw) - best offer: $754.

Titanium dental implants, single phase (used for the implantology to immediate loading) - best offer: $689.

Tooth reconstruction with composite - best offer: $74.

Tooth reconstruction with fiberglass pin - best offer: $139.

Zirconia ceramic crown (manufactured with a computerised, latest generation cad-cam) - best offer: $410.

Dental procedures costs. Albania, while one of the poorest countries in the entire Europe, is yet one of the safest places to go, and perfect to get the best dental treatment at excellent prices

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