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Dental abroad in Romania - costs and details

Dental abroad in Romania - costs and detailsThere are hundreds of dental clinics in Romania with state of the art technology and modern facilities for your safety and comfort and highly trained doctors, all fluent in English, French or German, ready to give you back the perfect smile, for less than a third of the price in U.S. or UK. Weather you are looking for ... [read more]

Cost of dentistry in Albania

Cost of dentistry in AlbaniaBeautiful teeth are vital to gaining self-confidence and can be a key element in finding success in relationships. We know from reading the newspapers that celebrities often pay small fortunes to gain that dazzling, perfect smile. The good news is that you can now get the smile you've always wanted without paying astronomical prices. [read more]

Dental treatment costs in Bulgaria

Dental treatment costs in BulgariaYour treatment is determined after a thorough examination and consultation: Cariology and Endodontics: dentists treat caries employing modern methods. Periodontology: treatment and prevention of diseases related to the teeth supporting apparatus. Prosthetics: correct defects by placing dental implants, crowns, bridges and dentu ... [read more]

Eastern Europe average price list for dental treatments

Eastern Europe average price list for dental treatments1. Dental treatment / procedure / service: Periodic Oral Evaluation - Average Cost In U.S. = $80, Best deal in Eastern Europe countries = $18. Total saving per dental procedure: $62 (78%). 2. Dental treatment / procedure / service: Comprehensive Oral Evaluation - Average Cost In U.S. = $120, Best deal in E ... [read more]

Stomatological procedures costs in Latvia

Stomatological procedures costs in LatviaOwing to the quality and price of dental treatment in Latvia, it is one of the most sought-after services among tourists. Local experts will find fast and high quality solutions to your problems - there many clinics in Latvia offering high quality stomatology services. Dentists in Latvia have gained extensive internation ... [read more]

Affordable dental procedures in Czech Republic

Affordable dental procedures in Czech RepublicDentists in the Czech Republic have top dentistry equipment and know how, are very qualified and also take more concentrated time to dedicate to your dental treatment. Not only are the costs of dental treatment affordable in the Czech Republic, but so is almost everything else, accommodation, food and drinks, enterta ... [read more]

Croatia for dental treatment

Croatia for dental treatmentThe dental specialists in Croatia believes that communication is the most important aspect in a relationship. It is very important to get to know you first as a person and only then as a patient. The creation of a perfect smile requires time, patience, skill and effort. There are no two identical people or identical smiles. Their goal ... [read more]

Dental abroad prices in Poland

Dental abroad prices in PolandDental tourism in Poland is widespread and well established. Unlike the other central European countries of the Visegrad Group (also known as the "Visegrad Four" or simply "V4"), the central point is not the capital, Warsaw (although there are a handful of clinics there worth checking out) but instead evenly spread in each area of t ... [read more]

How much dental treatment is in Hungary?

How much dental treatment is in Hungary?According to recent research gathered, over 40% percent of U.S. and UK patients seeking dental treatment abroad in Eastern Europe fly to Hungary to have dental implants & other significant dental procedures done. Since the twentieth century, dental treatments have undergone many changes. Due to the rising costs of den ... [read more]
Because the prices for dental treatment abroad is much lower than those of the Western European Union and the United States lead many people to solve their dental problems abroad. This phenomenon was named dental tourism and has got a momentum in recent years. By now we all know what are the benefits of dental tourism but the people put another question: Why are the costs for dental treatment abroad are so low? The price difference for dental care abroad is so great that many people wonder if they will be also making savings on quality.

We want to reassure you that in Eastern Europe the dentists use the same materials and tools, and use the same methods as in working all over the world. Foreigners arriving in any of these countries have the option of taking care of the teeth at the best from the best dentists and dental clinics. So what is the secret of such low prices for dental treatment abroad?

There is absolutely no secret - the key difference is that in there everything costs less compared to other countries: the rent of commercial space costs less, the average salary of a dentist in Eastern Europe is a lot lower, the same can be said of the costs of electricity, water, heating, advertising expenses and administrative costs. From here is the explanation of this significant difference, especially when the patient needs dental care such as full mouth reconstruction.