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There are different types of dentures: crown, bridge, removable dental prosthesis, dental facet and onlay. But what is a dental veneer?

Dental veneer is a sort of shell made of ceramic, rare composite, and which has only covering the visible part of the tooth. Dental veneer is part of the so-called cosmetic dentistry (Source:

Dental Veneers

Indeed, it can change the hue, shape or alignment of incisors and canines, these teeth also called teeth smile. In which cases do ask facets?

Dental veneers various indications:

- For the color: sometimes the teeth have naturally dark color or color was modified by treatment, tobacco, tea, coffee ... When bleaching is not enough, dental veneers are the best solution.
- For the form: visible teeth are sometimes naturally too small, too short or suffered injuries (cracks, breaks ...). Dental veneers can thus give a homogeneous form the "teeth smile". However, when a single tooth has been traumatized, it may be better to have it replaced with a crown.
- To align: dental veneers can not substitute for orthodontic treatment.
They can still help some corrections as diastema (spacing) unsightly.

Advantages of dental veneer

Dental facet has undeniable advantages:
- Aesthetics, dental porcelain veneer offers unparalleled transparency and whiteness in terms of aesthetics.
- Contrary to the dental crown that requires a root canal root, dental facet keeps the vital tooth.
- Dental facet resistant to food stains and decay.

Disadvantages of this dental prosthesis

- A dental veneer is still a high cost (between € 600 and € 1,300 per unit for a ceramic veneer). No refund of social security is possible.
- For a perfect aesthetic, dental veneer should be very thin, resulting in a rather relative resistance to shocks. Resistance in time can not exceed 10 years (12 years in the best case).
- To ask a dental veneer, the dentist must cut natural teeth. The patient is "condemned" to wear veneers throughout his life, the initial shape of the teeth have been permanently altered.

Realization of dental veneers. The achievement of dental veneers depends on the type:

The ceramic veneer

- The implementation steps are the same as for a dental crown.
- The dentist size to cover the tooth, makes an impression and makes the final pose with cement.

The facet composite

- It is rare that dental porcelain veneer but it is possible in some cases.
- It is then carried out in practice and in one sitting.
- Note that his life may not exceed 4 or 5 years and it does not offer the same aesthetic as ceramics.

Affordable quality dental treatments. Reinvent your smile with dental veneers, without breaking into your savings account!

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