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Dental clinics in the East because of the costTwo weeks in Balaton and four implants. On recreational trips in Hungary with associated dental treatment, Dent Tours specializes in Cegléd.

On request, the company sent a price list with amazing details: Extraction of a tooth (incl. Anesthesia) only costs ten euros, a porcelain inlay 60 euros, a metal-ceramic crown 95 euros and 400 euros an implant (Source:

Dental clinics in the East because of the cost

Save Euro 2600 in Poland

Good experience has * made in a dental clinic Szczecin the 37-year-old Berlin Dirk W.: Instead of 6000 € he only paid 3358 euros for four full ceramic crowns and a three-unit bridge. He received the quote by fax, then he went (a total of 1200 km) for four treatment sessions. within eight days of Szczecin. His credo after treatment: "everything fits great and not even hurt. I would do it again at any time. "

Bad marks for cheap teeth

A study of health insurance Rhineland-Palatinate in 60 patients showed more than half of all bridges "significant deficiencies". The University of Berne analyzed 1999, the treatment of 46 patients in Hungary. Result: 80 percent of the work were classified as "poor" or "bite mutilation".

Health insurance pays tooth-trip

Also treatments in other EU countries are subsidized by health insurance, if the treatment plan has been submitted and approved.

Warranty problem with pain to Poland

If you want to complain error after treatment or pain gets, must travel to foreign dentist for warranty service again.

Affordable quality dental treatments. In Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland dentists offer their services at bargain rates - already using specialized travel agencies

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