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Cheapest quality dental treatment: MoldovaMany people have tried dental care abroad. Dental visits are organized in several European countries such as Hungary, Croatia, Albania, Poland and Bulgaria, where prices for dental services are still cheaper compared to other more developed countries of the European Union.

But many Europeans, including the French prefer dental tourism in Moldova. What factors influence their decision?


Cheapest quality dental treatment: Moldova

Here are some benefits of dental tourism in Moldova:

The best prices of Europe for dental care.

You will spend less money than in any other country. In Moldova everything is cheaper: food, transportation, housing, entertainment, and most importantly, are the lowest prices for dental care.

Free dental quotes (no obligation)

You can get a quote 100% free and more, we offer you the best advice and all information concerning the meals, lodging, travel, transportation, etc.

Immediate dental services

It is not necessary to set in advance the dentist (a good dentist is claimed) a few months before in order to solve dental problems and should not have to queue in the waiting room near the dentist's office . If you need dental care is only remains for you to call us and let us all the necessary information to that on arrival you can immediately get a quality dental treatment in accordance with European standards. Look at pictures before and after dental treatment.

Dentists know French

It is more important that a dentist is competent as the language he speaks, anyway treatment outcome and patient satisfaction depends largely on understanding between doctor and patient. The problem of understanding is felt more when it comes to dental care abroad. Dentists understand and speak a little French.

We do not need a visa for dental tourism in Moldova

To visit Moldova you will need only a passport. You do not apply for visas if you are a dental tourist from the following countries:

- Member States of the European Union: Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cipre, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece , Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Croatia.
- The USA, Canada, Japan, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland;
- Member States of CIS: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

Dental tourism is more attractive with Low Cost flights

Free support throughout the period of the stay

That is true. We work hard to ensure that your needs are met and we perfect our continuously, but we are not asking for money for additional care. Of course, nobody works for free, and we. Our commission is already included in the price of dental care. It's like the "all-inclusive" system in Turkish hotels.

This is what you can get absolutely free?

- Consultation and free quote for dental care;
- Programming the dentist is free;
- Accommodations 5-10 minute clinic feet; Learn how could benefit from free housing;
- Assistance for the booking of air tickets at low prices;
- The Free Transfer from / to airport;
- A laptop was using which you can contact us at any time for free during the stay;
- Assistance in organizing interesting trips at affordable prices;
- Advice on how to spend your free time in Moldova - the country of dental tourism;
- Advice for oral hygiene after dental treatment;
- An interpreter specially prepared to ensure the accurate translation of terms and can explain each procedure in simple words;
- A security certificate for treatments carried out;

We assure you that you will have a great experience with dental tourism in Moldova.

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Affordable quality dental treatments. The advantages of dental treatment in Chisinau, Moldova: The best prices of Europe for dental care

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