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Cheapest quality dental treatment: Moldova

Many people have tried dental care abroad. Dental visits are organized in several European countries such as Hungary, Croatia, Albania, Poland and Bulgaria, where prices for dental services are still cheaper compared to other more developed countries of the European Union. But many Europeans, including the French prefer dental tourism in Moldov ... [read more]

Dental clinics in the East because of the cost

Two weeks in Balaton and four implants. On recreational trips in Hungary with associated dental treatment, Dent Tours specializes in Cegl├ęd. On request, the company sent a price list with amazing details: Extraction of a tooth (incl. Anesthesia) only costs ten euros, a porcelain inlay 60 euros, a metal-ceramic crown 95 euros and 400 euros an i ... [read more]

Dental tourism agencies

Number: 20150 French went abroad last year for treatment teeth. In Budapest, essentially comes for heavy treatments: dentures, crowns or implants. Invoices are almost halved compared to the prices in France and social security is also involved. In the city dental clinics continue to open and to specialize increasingly in the reception of French ... [read more]

Redo all your teeth in Hungary

Hungary is famous for the quality of its dental care and excellent price (about 60% cheaper than prices in France) to redo all his teeth. This is why many Europeans who do not have the means to seek treatment at home or want to save money, go to Hungary for dental care such as dental implants poses, dental bridges and crowns for example. For th ... [read more]

Dental Veneers

There are different types of dentures: crown, bridge, removable dental prosthesis, dental facet and onlay. But what is a dental veneer? Dental veneer is a sort of shell made of ceramic, rare composite, and which has only covering the visible part of the tooth. Dental veneer is part of the so-called cosmetic dentistry (Source: comprendrechoisir. ... [read more]

Soft tissue surgery - gingivoplasty

Gingivoplasty is a procedure to reshape and re-contour the gum tissue. When is it necessary? When the gum is too large or in severe cases of periodontitis, when a part of the gum must be removed. First, the dentist applies local anesthesia. Then, it removes the excess of the gum tissue with an electrical instrument that minimizes bleeding, resh ... [read more]
Main reasons to choose treating your dental problems abroad - especially in Eastern Europe: - Modern and exclusive clinics in some of the most beautiful historical cities in the world;
- Ultra modern technology, advanced equipment, high-quality materials;
- Excellent medical teams with international experience;
- Dentists and surgeons are specialized in aesthetic dentistry, implantology, overdentures and other types of restorations;
- impeccable quality with European Union Standars fully met, at affordable prices;
- Warranty for all procedures is granted;
- Take a perfect vacation while fixing yor teeth, spend once and profit twice;
- Last but not least: Treatment without pain.