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Dental treatments Nyiregyhaza - Hungary

Dental specialists in Nyiregyhaza - Hungary. Why are these dentists great for your convenience? Great family dental clinic abroad, affordable bone grafts, quality porcelain crowns and much more
Krúdyház Fogászati Rendel? Nyíregyháza address: Nyíregyháza - Szabadság tér 1, 4400 Hungary; dental clinic contact: +36 30 636 5389 /
Reasons to take a chance going abroad for your teeth health? Best quality family dentists, bone grafts, crown - porcelain or ceramic substrate etc.

Dr. Juhász Antal Fog- és szájbetegségek szakorvosa location: Nyíregyháza - Ósz?l? u. 112, Hungary; dentist contact: +36 20 934 7281 /
Why going so far for dental treatment? Cheap but high quality dentists, affordable implants, mandibular partial or complete denture amd much more.

Dr. Angyal Zsolt: Nyíregyháza - Toldi u. 65, Hungary; dentist office contact details: +36 42 415 942 /
Why choosing this dental clinic? Affordable dentistry abroad, cheap porcelain crowns, affordable root canals and much more.

Mokánszki Dental Medical Kft. address: Nyíregyháza - Kert köz 1, Hungary; dental clinic contact: +36 42 462 572 /
Reasons for going to this dentist office? Best for dental trips abroad, quality root canals, affordable porcelain crowns and so on.


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Hungary epitomizes classic Central European elegance with cobbled streets, castles, concert halls and historic churches