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Dental clinics in Hungary - city of Szombathely

Dentists and cosmetic dentistry in Szombathely - Hungary. Why you might consider visiting any of these dental facility? Your best choice for dentist abroad, cheap bone grafts, dentures or false teeth and more
Queen Dental address: Szombathely - Gagarin út 25, Hungary; dental clinic contact: +36 94 311 642 /
Why choosing this dental clinic? Affordable dentistry abroad, cheap porcelain crowns, affordable root canals and much more.

Isis-Dental Kft. location: Szombathely - Thököly Imre u. 16, Hungary; dentist contact: +36 94 339 155 /
Reasons for going to this dentist office? Best for dental trips abroad, quality root canals, affordable porcelain crowns and so on.

Mangliar-Dent Dental Clinic: Szombathely - Semmelweis Ignác u. 4, Hungary; dentist office contact details: +36 30 979 5735 /
Why making such trip to a dentist? Excellent for dental tourism, quality bone grafts, affordable sinus lifts and the list can continue.

Dental tourism is a term associated with people traveling to a foreign country for treatment of gums and teeth. In countries without a national health program, such as America, high quality dental treatment is very expensive, available only for rich people, who otherwise would go abroad to a dentist.

Travelling to Hungary

Hungary epitomizes classic Central European elegance with cobbled streets, castles, concert halls and historic churches