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Dental clinics Burgas - Bulgaria

Dentists in Burgas - Bulgaria. Reasons for going to these dentist offices? Best for dental trips abroad, quality root canals, affordable porcelain crowns and so on
Dentist in Burgas - Porcelain, Zirconia, Crowns, Veneers address: ul. Saedinenie 2, 8000 - Burgas, Bulgaria; dental clinic contact: +359 89 782 1751 /
Reasons to choose this dental office? Best family dentistry clinic overseas, cheap dental implants, dental implants abroad etc etc.

Burgasdent location: ul. Probuda - Burgas, Bulgaria; dentist contact: +359 56 811 011 /
Why is this dentist great for your convenience? Great family dental clinic abroad, affordable bone grafts, quality porcelain crowns and much more.

Bodent: ??????, ??. ???? ???????? 7, ??. 2 - Burgas, Bulgaria; dentist office contact details: +359 56 820 194 /
What are the main reasons to take such a dental holiday? Perfect smile clinic, cosmetic dentistry, soft tissue surgery - gingivoplasty and so on.

Dentist Dr. Ravanova address: ul. Baba Tonka 20 - Burgas, Bulgaria; dental clinic contact: +359 88 968 9663 /
Want a reason to choose such a dental clinic? Excellent dental care clinic, affordable full mouth restoration, dental veneers and the list can continue.


Travelling to Bulgaria

Bulgaria: great skiing, glorious beaches and marvelous monasteries with straight nineteenth century traditions

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Perfect dental and summer holiday in Bulgaria
Tourist activities are on offer, including water skiing, jet skiing, ecotourism and spa. Enjoy a dental week stay in Varna and leave with new crown or bridge.

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