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Cosmetic and medical dentistry in Tirana - Albania

Dental treatments Tirana - Albania. Why you might consider visiting any of these dental facility? Your best choice for dentist abroad, cheap bone grafts, dentures or false teeth and more
ITALDENT address: Rruga Ded Gjo Luli - Tiranė, Albania; dental clinic contact: +355 4 244 3333 /
Why choosing this dental clinic? Affordable dentistry abroad, cheap porcelain crowns, affordable root canals and much more.

Klinika Dentare Vrioni location: Rruga Frosina Plaku - Tirana, Albania; dentist contact: +355 67 200 5000 /
Reasons for going to this dentist office? Best for dental trips abroad, quality root canals, affordable porcelain crowns and so on.

Dental Laser Clinic Tirana Center: Rruga e Dibrės - Tirana, Albania; dentist office contact details: +355 4 223 1564 /
Why making such trip to a dentist? Excellent for dental tourism, quality bone grafts, affordable sinus lifts and the list can continue.

International Dental Center address: Rruga e Durrėsit - Tirana, Albania; dental clinic contact: +355 67 202 0203 /
Why we think is worth going to this dental clinic? Quality and cheap clinic abroad, affordable dental implants, quality sinus lifts and more.

Toronto Dental Clinic Albania location: Rr Nikolla Tupe, 14/2 - Tiranė, Albania; dentist contact: +355 69 787 2194 /
Reasons to choose this dental office? Best family dentistry clinic overseas, cheap dental implants, dental implants abroad etc etc.

Lako Dental Clinic (Klinika Dentare Lako): Rruga Sami Frashėri - Tirana, Albania; dentist office contact details: +355 69 513 1451 /
Why is this dentist great for your convenience? Great family dental clinic abroad, affordable bone grafts, quality porcelain crowns and much more.

AS Dental Clinic address: Rruga Ndre Mjeda - Tirana, Albania; dental clinic contact: +355 4 222 8956 /
What are the main reasons to take such a dental holiday? Perfect smile clinic, cosmetic dentistry, soft tissue surgery - gingivoplasty and so on.


Travelling to Albania

Albania is one of the most interesting countries I've come across in a long time. To say it is unique is not enough

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Dental care in Albania
Other advantages? Taking advantage of low cost, you can easily reach any Albanian dental clinic for many western cities and enjoy a great holiday in Tirana with the people of your choice.

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