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Cosmetic and medical dentistry in Hradec Kralove - Czech Republic

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Zubní léka?ství Bašová, s.r.o. address: B?etislavova 1057/6 - Pražské P?edm?stí, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic; dental clinic contact: +420 495 514 188 /
Why making such trip to a dentist? Excellent for dental tourism, quality bone grafts, affordable sinus lifts and the list can continue.

Eva Klimešová MUDr. location: V Kope?ku 81/1 - Hradec Králové, Czech Republic; dentist contact: +420 495 510 767 /
Why we think is worth going to this dental clinic? Quality and cheap clinic abroad, affordable dental implants, quality sinus lifts and more.

Grand Dental Clinic, s.r.o.: nám. Republiky 56 - Pardubice, Czech Republic; dentist office contact details: +420 608 382 500 /
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Situated in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is more closely linked to Western, particularly Germanic culture